p2p4net football

p2p4net football is a completely free program with which we can watch TV online for free. The program uses the Windows Media Player and in some cases the Real Player to play streaming TV channels.

Some program features are P2p4net Football:

Maintaining database with thousands of channels
Adult content channels for subscribers
A rating system of channels.
Allows creation of your list of favorite channels
Allows easily find any channel
Program updates are performed automatically.
It does not include spyware or malware

p2p4net football

Some highlight of the program is to filter channels by country, currently contains over 2000 channels from different countries. Another advantage is that installation is simple just download a 136KB file and install it.

No doubt this is a good alternative to watch TV online.

Sites To Watch TV On Internet P2p4net Football

Youtube: The largest, which raise all sorts of content is free, but lately is having some censorship.

Joost: From the authors of Skype, Joost comes. Good content, P2P transmission and a good interface. Of course, beta and you need an invitation.

Babelgum: It is quite similar to Joost, but downloads are somewhat limited and is supported by advertising.

Zatto: Designed for the European market, has more than 50 channels and also on a P2P.

Veoh: Gives you the ability to download videos through your client, you can see in real time.

NGTV: Acronym for No Good TV, we can qualify as … television for adults.

Democrazy: A player that a priori is like any other, to play media from your computer, but with the difference that connects hundreds of great sites and videos by independent producers to offer firsthand.

EpisodeNetwork: Do not host any files, but is more than interesting links to hundreds and hundreds of videos, including whole series of television.

DailyMotion: As old as YouTube, as functional as it, but much less known, yes, still one of the largest video libraries.

Google Video: Now turned into a video search engine that integrates results from both YouTube and other video sharing sites that ..

Blinkx: Based on a major search engine that allows you to track more than 12 million hours of video you have.

ChannelChooser: With an interface based on Windows Media Player, provides a wide selection of TV channels.

FreeTube: Simplicity to the max, no downloads or subscriptions only a bunch of videos.

Televee: An interface pretty awful, but great content.

Guba: A combination of free and paid videos, so you may be asked to pay an amount when you try to view certain content. In addition to viewing, giving you the chance to download to your computer or portable formats, such as the iPod.

WwiTV: More than a place to watch TV, is a directory of links to TV streams, though many do not work, but are organized by country.

Blip TV: This video library show focuses on videos created for home users, whether comic or real amateur filmmakers.

ChannelKing: Many streams but a very tiny screen, it may not compensate.

Stage6: It is intended to demonstrate the potential and quality of the DivX codec, saving a lot of videos. Of course, you need a special plugin called DivX Web Player.

TVUnetworks: Of Chinese origin, is based on a television company through P2P, which means you’ll find mostly Chinese channels, and the odd English.
Do not Watch Me: A list very, very rudimentary but very content.

Tape If Off The Internet: Since 2005 is running, and still is beta. Still, it’s a good place to follow many television programs.

Streamick: There is good content and many links to streams, all enclosed in a fairly regular design.

TV Links: A great collection of links to popular TV series, though, we assume that all in English.

ABC: A collection of programs for the American ABC, only you can see from U.S. territory.

Free Movies Cinema: A selection of films on hand several rare and interesting websites.

PeekVid: A selection of TV shows and movies downloadable, some very interesting and well known throughout the globe.

Fox MySpace: The site of the great Fox derivatives MySpace offers its own broadcast content.

TV Video: We do not know if the site is legal, but offers a lot of episodes of television series that are in fashion.

Choose and Watch: More than 300 direct streams to Windows Media Player or your favorite browser, very large number of channels.

Streaming TV Episodes: Episodes of the series for NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX in one place.

Your TV Links: Overlooking the design, offers a wealth of drawings, anime series, TV shows and even commercials or music videos.

ITV: The largest commercial network video in the UK, with free content, but most trailers or series advances.

Chime.tv: This site lets you view videos from Youtube, Veoh, DailyMotion, and others with a friendly interface similar to Joost.